Armed Stage Combat

This armed combat course will cover all the essential rapier and dagger techniques, their safety principles, and how to perform them so they are believable to an audience. It is suitable for complete beginners and for those looking to improve their sword fighting skills for film and theatre.

Over ten weeks participants will spend the first part of the course working on mastering the techniques of the weapons, and then move on to learning the choreography for the Fight Performance test at the end of the course. The fight choreography will be incorporated into a scene in which the students will focus on “acting the fight” including the physical story-telling in fight choreography, responding to what is happening in the moment as truthfully as possible, expressing the character’s thoughts and intentions, allowing the audience to follow the story and getting involved emotionally in the action.

Suitable for actors, actors in training and film extras who are interested in acquiring and developing fighting skills for film/TV as well as theatre.