Actors’ Ensemble is an exciting new programme commencing at The Lir Academy in September 2021. This six-month-long course is specifically designed for emerging actors who have been considering actor training but can’t yet commit to it full-time. The participants on the course will form a company of actors and will require dedication and commitment from each member. Applicants will be serious and single-minded in their pursuit of the craft of acting. We welcome all applicants; enthusiastic novices as well as early-stage professional actors.

Taking place twice weekly, Actors’ Ensemble has been devised to focus on the key areas of actor training to establish the fundamentals of the actor’s technique. It will be taught by core members of The Lir’s faculty who also deliver The Lir’s Foundation Diploma in Acting and Theatre as well as the BA in Acting training programme. The Lir’s teaching staff are well regarded professionals who work extensively in Ireland, UK and beyond. You can see some of the profiles here.

Training is focused on the development of ‘core skills’, which provide the foundation for the student’s creative expression. It will introduce students to the three primary areas of actor training: voice, movement and acting.

Classes in acting will focus primarily on the techniques of Konstantin Stanislavski, and how they can be applied to realist and classical texts: playing objectives; establishing the given circumstances; and embracing improvisation and spontaneity in playing moment to moment.

Movement classes will develop an understanding of the body as a vehicle for the discovery of the physical, psychological, and emotional lives of characters, their motivations, and actions.

Voice classes will explore how an actor’s interpretation of text and language is communicated through the vocal work. It will focus on classes in vocal technique and health – freeing, connecting and supporting the breath and voice in the performance space.

The final weekend of the course will culminate in performances in one of The Lir Academy’s state-of-the-art-theatres. As part of the Actors’ Ensemble, you will perform to an invited audience, using the skills developed on the course and drawing on them in performance with confidence.

On completing the course, you will have a clear sense of the discipline required to progress into full-time actor training as well as establishing the foundations of your technique that will enhance your confidence in the pursuit of your acting career.

The Lir Academy is an inclusive environment and seeks to ensure access to our programmes for everyone. There are a limited number of bursaries available, which can be applied for once a place has been offered.

Applications close on 31st May.