Block 50 Scene+heard 2020

Block 50 Scene+Heard 2020

Maggie & Máire by Eoin O’Donovan

Máire is running for her life, Maggie is hiding from hers. A neo-noir tale of vodka, heroin, guns and comfy PJs in the rural townland of Nad Co. Cork. “It’s harder than you’d think to not make a complete balls of things.”Contains strong language and violence.

Gods & Fighting Men by Paudie Baggott | Presented by Escape Pod Media

Loafer is a young man in a small pub, in a small town stuck in a circular conversation about the great things he’ll do once his life gets started. Bomba is his best friend. He invented the ‘Bomba Nolan Shovel’ and made a small fortune. He misses the simpler times. Dadd runs the pub. He’s lived in the town forever and is, quite frankly, eager for the whole thing to be over and done with.Gods & Fighting Men is a dark comedy about lads stuck in their lives and doing sweet fuck all but talking about it

Run time: 1 hour