Tanya Dean

Nicholas Grene

Lorelei Harris

Awards Judging Criteria

  • An invitation to the judges should be made a minimum of four weeks prior to a production. The panel might not be in a position to facilitate late invitations.
  • To ensure cover, all three judges should be invited to productions.
  • The calendar year for judging productions and performances is January to December.
  • A minimum of five public performances is required.
  • Productions must be staged by professional Irish companies, including theatre for children and young people.
  • Revivals of previously staged productions are not eligible.
  • Student productions are not eligible.
  • Readings, preview performances, dress rehearsals and works-in-progress are not eligible.
  • Circus, puppetry and pure dance productions are not eligible.
  • Dramas with music and new musical theatre generated by Irish companies can be considered as eligible, at the discretion of the judging panel.
  • In exceptional cases an individual can be nominated for more than one production within an award category.