The Lir, National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin, is seeking to appoint a Human Resources (HR) Manager on a part-time basis. This exciting new role is key to supporting the delivery of strategic objectives detailed in the current Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

The HR Manager will join the administration team and work closely with the Director of Administration to build on current best practices while promoting a happy and productive workplace for both staff and students alike. The HR Manager will support the Director of Administration in promoting company policies and values to shape a positive culture rooted in dignity and respect.

The HR Manager will lead the overall HR management of The Lir Academy ensuring the Academy continues to meet best practice in this area. The HR Manager will have strong knowledge and experience of employment law and employee relations in Ireland. They will have problem-solving and decision-making skills and will be expected to: manage staff development and employee relations; lead on HR policy development and implementation; oversee recruitment and resource planning; and ensure compliance with relevant legislation. The HR Manager will be responsible for the general HR service delivery at The Lir including payroll, HR operations and employee engagement. The HR Manager will be expected to bridge management and employee and/or student relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues as required and ensuring the implementation of dignity and respect practices at The Lir Academy

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Date Posted: 9 February 2024
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