The duties of the post are to give the Local Authority under the direction and supervision of its appropriate employee such services of an executive, supervisory or advisory nature as are required for the exercise and performance of any of its powers and duties and include such duties as may be required in relation to the area of any other Local Authority.


The successful candidate will be a key member of the staff reporting directly to the County Arts Officer.  The Arts Office is within the Economic Enterprise Culture & Tourism Department of Fingal County Council.  Please note that out of hours work is a requirement for this role and will be compensated by time off in lieu.



The duties of the post include, but are not limited to, the following –

  1. Working as part of the Arts Office Team to develop a Fingal Arts Plan as required.
  2. Communicating and liaising with all administrative areas/departments of Fingal County Council in the development of the Plan.
  3. Overseeing and developing the use of new technology for arts grants and other funding, dispensing arts grants and awards.
  4. Working closely with the arts community and the public in strategically identifying the deficits and opportunities for the arts in participation, audience development and practice.
  5. Organising and managing events held in buildings under the responsibility of the Arts Office in accordance with appropriate Health and Safety guidelines and event plan management.
  6. Holding of competitions to award residences and studio spaces to artists.
  7. Managing relationships with artists in residence and those using the studio spaces, dealing with issues that may arise and providing all relevant information and guidance about the buildings, including suitability for use for particular artistic practices.
  8. Working closely with all departments of Fingal County Council in developing cultural infrastructure both in new arts facilities and in assisting arts organisations and artists reach their full potential.
  9. Managing and positively motivating staff.
  10. Supporting the County Arts Officer and any such other designated officer, in the financial management, governance and stewardship of the Arts Office and any buildings under its remit.
  11. Communicating and liaising with all administrative areas/departments of the Council in development of the Fingal Arts Plan.
  12. Representing the Arts Section at inter-departmental, public and national meetings, where appropriate.
  13. Supporting the County Arts Officer in staff related issues, including issuing work, monitoring and evaluating staff performances, and managing staff members’ time.
  14. Identifying and managing opportunities for professional artists to develop their practice within an institutional framework through a series of awards and mentorship.
  15. Deputising for the County Arts Officer, when required.
  16. The particular duties and responsibilities attached to the post may vary from time to time, without changing the general character of the duties of level of responsibilities entailed. The post holder may therefore be required to perform duties appropriate to the post, other than those detailed above, and to take instructions from the report to, an appropriate Officer or such designated Officer as may be assigned from time to time by the County Council.

If you are interested in applying for this position, you must complete an online application form available on

Full particulars are also available on this link.

Salary Scale: €52,557 – €64,209 per annum

Deadline for receipt of applications is midnight, Friday 6th October, 2023.

Fingal County Council is an equal opportunities employer

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Date Posted: 18 September 2023
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