As we shift towards a more sustainable future, the arts can play an important role in communicating with their audiences the culture shift required to confront climate change. In achieving increased sustainability, arts organisations can also function as leaders in their communities.The Green Arts Initiative aims to support you in making this change and provide you with the tools to measure your success. This organisation will support organisations to reduce their energy, waste and travel bills and be part of a wider community of arts organisations shifting towards a green economy.

What do you get?

This Initiative will offer some essential guidance on reducing the environmental impacts of members. These resources will initially focus on building-based organisations, particularly venues, but will be developed and extended overtime as Green Arts grows to include production companies, individual artists, and festivals.

In its initial iteration, the Initiative will provide the following:

  • Access to downloadable guides and resources.
  • Tailored recommendations for how your organisation can improve its green work.
  • Contact time via phone and email to answer your queries.
  • Information on funding sources and other agencies which can support members in greening their organisations.
  • An overview of Ireland’s progress in combating climate change.