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This November, we’re headlining Tourbook, the online platform to showcase live performance.  Tourbook is one way of tackling the idea of limited programming choice.  This online showcase is an immediate (and free) way for companies and producers to connect with networks, venues and audiences. It’s a way for venues to broaden their programming options beyond habitual choices.  It’s a way to more fully realise the potential of shows by booking more tour dates in more venues.

Twelve short pitches at the Touring Forum on November 14 showed the breadth, depth and excellence of just some of the work that’s on offer in 2019 and 2020.  Thanks so much to Abbey Theatre, Decadent, Fidget Feet, Landmark Productions, Pan Pan Theatre, Irish National Opera, Prime Cut, Rough Magic, Livin’ Dred, THEATREClub, and Fishamble who generously shared their tour plans and to the many interested venues and networks who attended in such numbers.

We’re encouraging venues and networks to create their own Tourbook profiles.  While it takes a bit of time, we think that immediate access to tour information online is well worth the effort.  For companies ready or planning to tour, it’s also a kick-start to conversations about future developments to build partnerships and secure resources.

Tourbook 2019 event

The next Tourbook event is on 23 January 2019 (registration will open in the new year).  Create your Tourbook profile before then so you’ll see new tours information as soon as its available.

Mail us if you’re ready to pitch your tour-ready show at this next event.