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As an IETM member, we stand in solidarity with their statement about Ukraine which you can read here and below.

IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts fiercely condemns Putin’s regime invasion into Ukraine.

As advocates of freedom and democracy, IETM stands in solidarity with Ukraine, its people, its artistic community and our Ukrainian members. Our hearts go out to our Ukrainian colleagues and friends who are fighting for their freedom and for their lives. A united international network, IETM speaks against conflict, injustice and violence, and for dialogue, understanding and peace.

We at IETM see it as our responsibility to support the Ukrainian artistic community and artists at risk, in the most relevant and meaningful way, and are currently working on how we can best mobilise our membership in this regard. We encourage our members and global artistic communities to take note of the advice given by expert organisations on how you can donate to the cause, stay informed and offer emergency support.


We encourage you to donate to organisations who are offering humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Below are four organisations which we recommend, based on expert advice:

  • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): An independent worldwide organisation which has set up a dedicated fund for Ukraine.
    Link to Irish Red Cross appeal.
  • Artists at Risk: Last but not least, we encourage you to consider donating to our colleagues at Artists at Risk, a non-profit network institution dedicated to mapping the field of persecuted art practitioners, facilitating their safe passage from their countries of origin and hosting them at AR-Residencies.
  • Nova Ukraine: A US-registered foundation offering help for ordinary people and families with children. Operating since 2013.
  • Polish Humanitarian Action: A Polish organisation which has been active for a long time in eastern Ukraine.