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Self-employment in the Arts

A workshop for artists, designers, arts workers, and producers.
Thursday 3 November, 11.30am-1pm, on Zoom

Get the most up to date contract, employment, and tax information about self-employment in the arts. Join usb for next week’s workshop to get the answers to all your tax and employment questions. Our Workshop will provide an overview of good employment practices for everyone who is self-employed in our sector. Peter Daly will lead the discussion with his insightful overview of how to best manage your self-assessment tax return. We will also share updated contracts for and of service complete with suggested fee schedules to inform your fee negotiations. These sample performer and designer contracts have been drafted for Theatre Forum by solicitor Andrea Martin of MediaLawyer Solicitors.

Any Tax or Employment queries?
Andrea and Peter will be the Workshop’s expert panel. If you have a query about a tax or contract issue, just email in advance so the panel can answer your question during the Workshop.

This online event is free and open to all. Please share this invitation with your colleagues – Zoom registration link.