Level 5+ for January 2021

Amidst low-key Nollaig na mBan celebrations and high drama on Capitol Hill. Tuesday’s Government announcement confirmed what most people, communities and organisations had expected. Relevant headlines for our sector confirmed that reinforced Level 5 guidelines remain in place, with only essential work allowed, in an effort to dramatically reduce people’s movement and the dangerously high levels of Covid-19 transmission and cases.

Stay at home
The key message from Government is that people stay at home and that all work that can be done from home should be done at home. The biggest change for most of us is the requirement that we stay at home except for caring responsibilities and exercise within 5Km.

Work from home
The Government is adamant that people should work from home, and attend or travel for essential work only if that work cannot be done from home. All administrative and support work to support the delivery of essential services must now be done from home. See the Department of the Taoiseach’s 8 January 2021 Guide to this Level 5.

Theatres, arts centres and performing arts venues closed to the public
It’s really clear that members of the public should not be in theatres, arts centres or any other performing arts venue under these Level 5 guidelines and that no public events and activities, including screenings, workshops, classes or outdoor events, can take place during this lockdown.

Production for broadcast
Production work on content for broadcast is the only performing arts activity permitted under Level 5 restrictions, referenced in the Information and Communications section of the updated essential services list:

Information and communications
the production of television and radio programmes, video, sound, digital or other electronic content and the broadcast or publication of the same to the public or a portion of the public.

We will advise you of any changes or other considerations around production for broadcast as soon as they are confirmed and published by the various Departments involved. Meanwhile, for all of our members involved in recording work for broadcast, all relevant employer and Theatre Forum’s sectoral guidelines on physical distancing, hygiene measures and other health and safety mitigations should be adhered to.We know that you will continue to exercise your good judgement, adhere to the guidelines and maintaining the highest health and safety standards in your organisations throughout and after this lockdown. We all hope this collective effort will be effective in getting us safely out of this crisis.