Theatre Forum CLG AGM will take place on 26 September 2019

As the first step in the AGM process, we’re asking members to propose candidates for election. Note that while proposers must be Theatre Forum members, candidates do not have to be members of the organisation but must agree to the nomination. If you would like to propose a candidate, complete and return signed nomination form by 28 August 2019. You can consult Theatre Forum CLG Constitution and Theatre Forum Rules of membership for additional information.

AGM Timeline
Here’s the AGM timeline for your reference:

  • Open for nominations of candidates for election – 14 August
  • Close for nominations of candidates for election – 28 August
  • Notice of AGM to all members – 4 September
  • AGM – 26 September (time, place, and registration to follow)

Board composition
It’s important that Theatre Forum’s board is a broadly representative one. To achieve this, the nomination of candidates from theatre, dance, opera, festivals, venues, as well as organisations working with young audiences is encouraged. Additional useful expertise includes the making, producing and touring work of scale, nationally and internationally. A reasonable geographic spread plus an emphasis on gender balance are important considerations too.

Financial Statements 2018
For candidates and proposers, Theatre Forum’s 2018 Financial Statements are available.

To nominate a candidate, receive the meeting notice, attend and vote at the AGM, your membership must be up to date.