Independent And Practitioners Forum

After weeks of lock-down as well as cancellations, postponements and ill-judged announcements, it’s been a bleak time for artists and arts practitioners. No online forum could replace the camaraderie of an opening night foyer, of cast and crew, friends and colleagues. We’d like to offer a Forum to spend time with other freelance and independent artists and practitioners, a chance to break the isolation that many of us have been feeling over the past weeks

So there’s a Zoom gathering for independent and freelance practitioners this Thursday 23 April at 11:00 with light-touch moderation from Lian Bell. It’s an online meet up space with no formal agenda other than a chance for everyone to catch up.

How to attend:
The forum will take place on 23 April 2020 at 11:00 for approximately one hour.
Please register below before 10:00am on Thursday morning and we will email you the Zoom login details 30 minutes before 11:00am start.
We will not record the meeting or the chat.

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