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The aim of this pilot project is to support venues and arts centres that wish to reduce the overall environmental impacts of their organisations. Addressing issues such as energy usage, waste management, biodiversity, and water usage, the pilot project will undertake an environmental audit of eight venues and make recommendations which would support venue managers in improving the green credentials of their organisation. Participating venues / arts centres will also be provided with workshop sessions for their staff team or other stakeholders, facilitating staff engagement in the development of a greener business model.Venues / arts centre / theatres wishing to take part in this pilot project will be asked to submit an expression of interest, including a paragraph of 100 words outlining why they wish to ‘Green’ their organisation. Participants will need to have an enthusiasm for improving the environmental credentials of their building and be willing to participate fully in the initiative. Participating venues will also need to be free to complete the energy audit before the end of November 2020.

Each participating venue will be asked to contribute €500 towards the cost of the audit, with the remaining costs being subsidised by Theatre Forum. Closing date for submissions is the 30th of March. Successful venues will be notified by the 15th of April regarding the outcomes of the selection process.For further information, or to submit an expression of interest, please email Catríona Fallon at