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There was further confusion last night with the apparent removal of theatres from the list of deemed controlled environments meaning no more than six could attend indoor cultural events (with only cinemas, galleries and museums exempt).The Government Press Office has now issued a clarification this morning which includes theatres. Full statement below.

This means that: Indoor up to max of 50 in museums, cinemas, theatres and art galleries /Outdoor events up to a max of 15. All subject to strict health & safety guidelines.

We understand how difficult the last 24 hours has been for many of you and how hard you are working to innovate, pivot and provide safe events, despite these incredibly challenging circumstances. If you have specific queries, we’d suggest getting in touch with We’re also happy to compile a list of questions for the Department and you can email them to

Issued by the Government Press Office
20th August 2020

Clarification of application of new measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 with respect to the Cultural sector

Following consultation with the Ministers of Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht and the Minister for Health, the following clarification applies to measures introduced with respect to the cultural sector:

Businesses/services such as museums, cinemas, theatres and art galleries are deemed to be controlled environments, with appropriate protective measures in place such as physical distancing between people. These venues can continue to operate where appropriate physical distancing and all other protective measures can continue to be maintained. Individual groupings attending these venues must be limited to six people from no more than 3 households. Overall attendance must adhere to an overall limit of 50 people.

All other indoor cultural events are subject to the 6 person maximum rule.

All outdoor events are subject to the new limits of 15. These events are deemed as mass gatherings where there is a concentration of people at a specific location for a specific purpose over a set period of time. These types of events provide opportunities for the virus to spread.