Contract Coral

Tuesday 30 August
Employment Workshop
Zoom, 11.30am-1pm 

A workshop for artists, arts centres, venues, festivals, and production companies.
Join our Employment workshop covering the most up to date legal, contract, employment, and tax information from a panel of experts about artists in residence and employment. 

Company documentation requires regular updating, not just in response to unforeseen crises like Covid but also to ensure that your organisation is compliant and promotes good workplace practices. This can be a time-consuming and costly task. This Workshop will provide you an overview of current good practices as well as sharing updated employment documentation with you.

Theatre Forum’s suite of sample employment documentation for members has been updated and will be available shortly. The Workshop’s expert panel covered the range of employee responsibilities involved in employing and contracting as well as contracts for and of service with proposed fee schedules. Sample contracts for a venue and production company as well as for a venue and promoter have been drafted by solicitor Andrea Martin of MediaLawyers. HR consultant Colin Mc Glynn has prepared a new Employee Handbook complete with a comprehensive set of company policies, all of which will be available for you to download. We’re also delighted that Peter Daly joined us to give a current and insightful overview of the employer tax and Revenue responsibilities.

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