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Theatre and dance artists, festival and arts centre directors and producers were invited to an Irish Theatre Institute and Theatre Forum event
Connections: Creating Work Together
Friday 31 July, 11am-1pm

You can now watch back the session on this link.

2020 has been a year of unprecedented change. And getting back to our previous normal seems less likely with each passing week. Artists and Arts organisations each have a key role in working out how to adapt and imagine new ways of creating work, of forging connections and finding ways to work together. We all want to find new ways to get work on stage and stir the imagination of audiences – ours is a live artform and we want to work towards getting back into performance mode.

Arts Council Director Maureen Kennelly introduced this Connections session setting out the Arts Council’s supports for developing and making work in the remainder of 2020, 2021 and beyond.

We heard from independent artists and producers and directors of arts centres and festivals about their collaborations in new contexts and for new audiences.

We looked at the practical considerations around rehearsal and performance, Peter Jordan of SLUA and independent producer Kate Ferris shared the latest thinking on rehearsal and performance protocols for dance and theatre.

Open mic

The session concluded with an Open Forum session.

Connections: Creating Work Together is an Irish Theatre Institute and Theatre Forum collaboration.

Photo Credit ©Ste Murray