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You’re invited to a Theatre Forum meeting for people working independently in the performing arts. It’s happening at The Complex on Friday 11 May. The meeting is happening twice on the same day to facilitate people with family, work, rehearsal and performance commitments. The first one will take place in the middle of the day, 11am-12.30pm with lunch available afterwards for those who can stay on, and the second in the early evening, 6pm-7.30pm. They will be chaired by actor, writer, and director Peter Daly, joined by director Tom Creed and other artists. This is an open invitation to members, former members and prospective members as we’d like to hear from everyone.

To kick start the meeting, we’ll let you know about Theatre Forum resources for individual members ranging from artist development programmes such as MAKE and the Next Stage to our Employment Toolkit. Importantly, we’d like to hear about the resources of most use to you. And even more importantly, we’d like to hear about issues, member events and meetings that would support and sustain you in the future.

Over the last decade, freelance working arrangements have become the new norm with many people taking on a variety of roles in making and presenting work. This has shifted considerable company, financial, employment, legal as well as production and artistic responsibilities onto individuals rather than companies. The introduction of a much reduced individual membership rate in 2014 signaled Theatre Forum’s commitment to support practitioners, freelancers and contractors. These meetings reaffirm that commitment.

Please join us on 11 May, bring your friends and colleagues along too and let us know how Theatre Forum could support you.

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