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Marketing Forum 

We’ve set up a Marketing Forum for artists, administrators, box office, communications, marketing staff and practitioners.

Our plan is to run a series of online and in-person training events over the next few months in response to needs as identified by the group. Some events have already taken place and we’re posting recordings below. If you’d like to be part of this Marketing Forum and receive updates going forward, we’d ask that you register your interest.

The next meeting will take place in August – sign up to get more info and links.

Past Meetings

13 July Marketing Forum II
This session focussed on:
Using your data Targeting customer segments effectively Visibility and awareness

23 June – Peacock – Missing Audiences Survey Results & Audience Development Toolkit presentation/discussion

Presentation slides

29 June Marketing Forum I online 
Part 1 of the meeting (note this finishes with them moving to a breakout group)

Part 2 of the meeting

Part 3 of the meeting

Photo Credit ©Alberto Bigoni